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Learn Arabic language online

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learn Arabic language ( Levant colloquial dialect and Egyptian colloquial dialect and MSA) at your place with native Arabic speaker via Skype. Contact us now to start your course. Get a free book and start learning according to your schedule and available time.



Arabic language corporate courses:


Do you have many Arab customers?. 
Do you feel it is hard to deal with clients , who hardly speak English?.
Would you like to start to understand your clients, so that you can improve your business.
Or having permanent clients who are happy to have a business partner, who can easily understand them?. 
Or do you have Arab employees, whom you want to communicate with?.
If your answer is yes for one or more questions then, here you are the solution; SPOKEN Arabic course.
Why us?

1) Dialect: While the majority of institutions in Dubai teach classical Arabic - due to the available books at the markets-, we have designed our own exclusive courses in SPOKEN ARABIC, so that the learner will not sound funny, while trying to speak in public. On the other hand, dialect used in the course is neutral one, to be easily understood by all Arabs; contains the most common expressions of each dialect.


2) Planned Materials: Before you start our course, you can see all of the course's details. Whether, it is beginner’s level or advanced, we are ready with planned materials.


3) Conversation: Our course is based on conversation by engaging the students in; role-plays, describing pictures, listening, and picking the most common daily vocabulary for the student to use.


4) Results:  will be obvious after the first session. Students will be able to greet their clients as soon as they finish the first class. 75% of student's effort will be in the class. The teacher will make sure to repeat frequently, so that the student will make less effort after the class.


5) Logical sequence: Our course is designed logically, according to grammatical rules. We try to enable the students to understand the structure of the sentences, so that it becomes easier for them to learn.


6) Script: While the book is written in transliteration, to make it easy for the student to start learning _as involving the student in conversation is our main goal_, each class the student will be introduced 1 to 3 Arabic letters, in order to enable the student to read and write in further stage.


7) Trainers: Both of the trainers; Rahma and Noha are well trained and have big experiences in teaching Arabic at the biggest education centers in Dubai. They also work with many translation projects.
8) Fees: Our fees are obviously competitive.
We have the experience, passion, unique methodology, and exclusive materials to grantee you a worth, unforgettable, fun, experience in learning Arabic.




One to one course:




 One-to-one courses are the most highly focused on personal language needs and learning styles, often with extremely impressive, rapid results.


All courses can be taken on a one-to-one basis.

Intensive and Flexible courses are available.