Arabic teachers:









                         Rahma El sebaei: 







Rahma started her career as an Arabic Language Instructor for non native speakers in 2011 at Al Arabeya association In Cairo. Then she moved to work in Derayah Language Center In Giza. At both institution she taught Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Dialect. In 2013, she moved in Dubai, and she started working in teaching Arabic for non native speakers in many Institutions; International House Dubai , and Arabic Language center, where she taught Gulf and levant Dialects. She also works in teaching corporate courses for companies; Bloomberg, Palmers, OIC and DEWA.


Driven by passion to teach Arabic, Rahma wrote series of books in teaching Spoken Aabic in Dubai; First Step in Gulf, Second Step in Gulf, Third Step in Gulf, and Speak in UAE(unpublished books). These books are written in order to equip non-Arabic speakers with the basic vocabulary and conversation needed for communication in Arab countries.










Noha Atef:





Graduated from the faculty of Arts, Noha has a university degree with specialization in English literature.
 She is fond of teaching and training, thus she worked as an English teacher for kids for three years, followed by one year as a computer teacher.
Since she likes to improve her skills and upgrade her abilities, she decided to acquire a specialized certification in training adults and purse her career in this field. She worked as an Arabic teacher for adults for almost a year at a big center located in Dubai.
Falling in love with the beauty of the Arabic, it is worth mentioning that Noha has been working for almost seven years now as an Arabic/ English translator. She believes that she can show the beauty of Arabic through the written words, and work as a medium between Arabs and foreigners.

Throughout her career, she gained a lot of experiences in many fields and enhanced her skills in many ways



Our Mission


To teach the Arabic spoken language in UAE, using our method to enable the student to have Arabic conversion in his/her everyday life.

To develop a unique curriculum in teaching the spoken Arabic language, and to provide the student with any material required in his study.

To provide professional Arabic language courses for companies in UAE





To contribute to the government's cultural vision in spreading the Arabic language in UAE, and protecting the Arabic identity.

To make ourselves the first icon to be clicked, whenever Arabic language course is needed in UAE.

To enlarge out teacher's net to cover worldwide cities.