In this article, you are going to explore and learn most important expressions for greetings in Spoken Arabic. You might have heard them already at an Arabic coffee shop or restaurant. The funny fact is an Arabic beginner learner might reply for all with (Shukran), which means ‘Thank you” in Arabic language.

  1. How to say “welcome” inSpoken Arabic?



Ahlan wa sahlan

You might hear this phrase whenever you entre an Arabic shop or restaurant. Also, you will find it written on every door. The beautiful thing about Arabic language is that most of phrases have deep meaning. Like in (ahlan wa sahlan) case, it means we are family and feel free like your house. While the reply should come (ahlean wa sahlean) to mean ( we are two families)



  1. How to say “Hello” in Spoken Arabic?


This is another Arabic spoken expression that you might read on doors. Moreover, It is a well-known service in Dubai airport to welcome passengers. To answer “marHabaa”, you need to put in your mind the Arabic traditions of being more generous and reply with a double hello by saying “marHabtean”


  1. How to say “nice to meet you”in spoken Arabic?


It is one of very uncommon Arabic expressions when you can use regardless to the gender of the receiver. You can say TaSHArrafnaa to a man, woman or even for many people. The beautiful meaning beyond that phrase is (we are honoured).


  1. EtfaD-Dal= come in/ have a seat/ here you are

This Spoken Arabic expression will usually be combined with a physical action. For instance, a person who is opening the door to receive guests will say it. Or a person who is serving food or drinks will say it. Or with pointing to a chair to offer a guest to sit down. The beautiful meaning beyond is: make me honoured by accepting…)

  1. How to say “goodbye” in Spoken Arabic?

Ma3 es-salaama

Many of Arabic greeting expressions carry the meaning of praying. In ma3 es-salaama case, the speaker is praying that you will go or reach your destination with safety. The reply for “ma3 essalaam”is “salaam”.