Rahma published her first novel titled '' Al na3amaat al arb3a'' or '' The four ostriches'' in Oct 2017. The four ostriches is about four sisters, who live inner conflict between their feeling towards eachother and their personal needs represented by Farid.

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Rahma used to be an Active member in her university's cultural centre. She wrote many poems, songs and stories. Here, you can find some of her writings, written in MSA, and translated to English.

يا صَديقتي...  My Dear Friend


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 يا صَديقتي... أنا وَحيدة..  

My dear friend.. I am lonely

و الصّديقاتُ بِغُرْبَتي أبْعَدُ مِنْكِ                        

Other friends here in my expatriation

وأنتِ بَعيدة..                          

are farther than you even when you far away

تَرَكْتُكِ بِالأمْسِ..                                                            

yesterday I left you

و لا أمْلُكُ مِن حاضِري ..                      

Now, I do not belong to or own my days

إلّا لِلْماضي أنْ أُعيدَ                                    

but only some memories to repeat

يا صَديقتي أنْتِ مَنْ قَرَأتِني.            

My dear friend.. you are the one who read me

أنْتِ مَن تَعْرِفين                                                

..You are the one who knows

كيف بَدَأتُ القَصيدة..                                                

how I started the poem

وَ وَسَط مَلاحِدة حاضِري بي                  

And among all of atheists surrounding me

أنتِ مَن تَحْفَظين العَقيدة..                              

You are the one who believes in me

أُنظُري كَيف انتَهَت أُسطورتي..                          

Look!.. how my legend was ended

على الأرْصِفة يا صَديقتي..                            

thrown on the sidewalks my friend

ككَلِمة في جَريدة..                                    

as a neglected word in a newspaper

وحين مُتُّ                                                                  

And when I died     

ولم يَدر عن شَهادَتي                                

and  no one knew about my sacrifice

سوى انتِ يا شَهيدة..                                                          

but you witnessed


في الـمَقْهى..                                                                           At the Cafe

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كُنْتُ قَد أنْهَيْتُ فِنْجاني..                                    

I had finished my coffee

وَ وَضَعْته مَعْكوس..                                  

and I placed the cup upside down

فَرُبَّـما أجِدُ فيه شَيئاً..                        

Perhaps, I can find a vision in it

يُعيدُ الـماء الى جُذوري..                                            

brings water to my roots

يَبْعَثُ الحياة الى شُعوري..                    

breathes life to my feelings

و يُديرُ بِقَلبي التُّروس..                                

or run my heart's gears

 حين جَلَسَتْ أمامي..                

while, he sat in front of me

أجْمَلُ عَيْنان..                                                

mister eyes

كأنهُما يَبرُزان عن مُقْلَتَيهِما بُروز..                      

as if they highlighted

قُلْتُ: تَنَحّى!!                                  

I said: step down!

لَم أدْعُك الى طاوِلَتي..                

you are not invited to my table

ولَم أسْمَح لَك بالجُلوس!!..                      

 and did not allow you to sit

قال: قَد أسَرَني هّذاالوَجه..                    

 he said: this face dragged me here

الـمُكَدَّس بالعُبوس..                          

   this stack in frowning face

وقَد جّذَبَني صَمْتُكِ الذي..

   and was attracted by your silence

يُقْرِعُ في أُذًني الكُوؤس..                    

that knocks cups in my ears

و يَقولُ أنَّكِ لُفافة..                      

which says that you are a roll

تَقود تابِعها لِكُنوز..                  

leads the chaser to treasures

قُلْتُ: مِن فَضْلِك.. إذْهَب!!..                                    

 I said: Please .. go!!

هَذا مِقْعَدٌ مَحْجوز..                              

this is reserved seat

قال: من ذاك المَحظوظ؟..          

he said: who is that lucky one?

الذي سَلَب لَحَظاتي في غِيابِه..        

who robbed my moments in his absence.

وجَعَلَني في عينيكِ مَنْبوذ..

and showed me as an outcast in your eyes

قُلْتُ: لَسْتَ ، و لَكِني...          

I said: you are not, but...

قال: أتريدين مِني الانْتِظار؟!..            

he said: do you want me to wait

لَعَلُّك تَخْتارِني.. او عَلّي أفوز!!

.. perhaps, you pick me.. perhaps, I win

قُلْتُ: أُوَد يا صَديقي ولَكِنه لا يَجوز..    

I said: I wish I could dear.. but it is forbidden

أنا لابن عمي..                                          

I am for one cousin

وهذا بعائلاتنا مَوروث..    

this is our families' traditions

قال: إن شِئتِ أُغير على بِلادك..    

he said: if you wished, I would raid your towns

أجْعَلُ مَوْلاها مَرءوس..        

turning masters to subordinates

إن شِئتِ آتيكِ بِعَرْشِ..        

If you loved, I would bring you the throne

كَعَرْشِ سُليْمان لِبَلقيس..              

 that Solemn gifted to Balqis

قُلْتُ: لا..        

I said: no

فالفِنْجانُ يُبْدي ما لا يُظْهِرُه الـمَحْسوس..

as cup shows future, which you can not perceive

قال: يااال خَيْبَتي..                

he said: ooh!! what a terrible luck

يااال قَدَري الـمتَعوس!!..          

what a miserable fate

اُنْظُري هُنا و هُناك ..                

look here and there in the cup

الا تجِدِني في الفِنْجان؟.                             

can't you find me

ألا تَقِفين فيه بِجانِبي عَروس؟!..      

can't you find yourself standing by me as bride

قُلْتُ: لا.. فَقَط أرى تِنيناً يافِعاً..                                              

I said: no..I only see a young dragon

قَلْبُه بالشيْبِ مَحْبوس.                                                    

. his heart is cooped and soaked in gray

كأنّهُ مِن طين الكُهولِ قَد خُلِقَ..                                            

as if it was created from disparate clay

كأنّهُ مِن الجَحيم مَبْعوث..                                                                

as if it is summoned from hell

فأحْنى رأسَهُ ..                                                                                            

he bowed his head

وذَهَب بِلا عَوْدة..

went, not to return

وذاك ما تَعنيه طأطأة الرءوس...                            

as that's what is always meant by head bowing

ولم يدْر ان حِكاياتي..                                                

he did not realize that all my cup's visions

لم تَكُن الا كَذبا..                                                                                      

were nothing but lies

غَير أني أنا ذاك التنين العجوز..                                              

except for,that I am that old dragon.


His words     كَلِماتُه  

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تِلك الـمَرّة..

that time..

انتَظَرتُ أن ألْمَحَ نَفْسي بِعَيْنَيه

I was waiting for a hint in his eyes

أن ألْحَظَ بِهِما ضوءاً هَزيلا

waiting for a tiny light, there

يَقول باسمي

calling my name

يُناديه الىّ أن يَميلَ

telling that he is tending to me

انْتَظَرت كلماته التي

I was waiting for his words which

سَتُعذبّني ليال طَويلة

will torture me long nights



ستُعَبّئ النهار..

will pack daylight

بِعينيه قناديل

in his eyes like lambs

انْتَظَرت وكاد الانتظار..

I waited .. almost waiting

على وَجهي أن يسيلَ

melted on my face

جاءت كَلِماتهُ الأولى

his first words came

"كم أنتِ رائِعة"

" how great you are"

بدا العالم بِعيني نَبيلَ

world seemed noble in my eyes

فانا لِلجَمال جائعة

as I am hungry to beauty

ولم أكن يوماً جَميلَ

when I never was beautiful

حين اتمّها قائلاً

when he completed

"كم انتِ رائعة يا زَميلة"

" how wonderful you are sister"

That one dance    تلك الرقصة



We danced

تِلك الرقصة السادِية..

that wild dance


He pulled me

حَطَّم ضُلوعي..

held me too tight to break my ribs

ثُمّ دَفَعني بِوَحْشِية..

then, he pushed me savagely

دَوّرني.. ودُرْت..

he spun me.. I spun

وصارت لشعري جاذبية..

My hair had a special gravity

ضد الجاذبية..

against the gravity


to pick me again

مِن دَوّاماتي إليه..

from my whirlpools to him

بآخر ملاذ

as if he was the last shilter

بالكرة الارضية..

on earth

ليشمني بِقوة

to smell me strongly

وقد تسللت مني

while my feminine smell

رائحتي الانثوية

has sneaked out of me

ثم ألقاني..

then he threw me..


to show me

كيف انتهيت على بِساطه

how I ended on his carpet



و مشى يعلم عن سُمه

then he went away, knowing about

الذي نَفَذ إليّ

his poison that hacked me

فَركَضت خلفه

so I ran after him

كملكة لم يعد من

as a queen, whose solders

حربها جندي

had died all in the war

وجذبت النمر البري

and i grapped the wild tiger

وقد رضيت ان اكون

chose wellingly to be


the prey

بائِع الهَوى

Passion Dealer

واحِد ..اثنان

one .. two

ثلاثة .. أرْبَعة

three ... four

يا مَن عَذابه

to whom, whose torment

للحَجَر أوْجَعَ

hurted the stones

أنا قَتيلك..

I am your victim

جِئت مُشيعا

came carried in my funeral

دَلني بِصَدري

guided by a gun bullet

رُصاص المَدْفَع

in my chest


to you door

كَما أرَدتِ

as you wished

فَجئت مُقرِعا

so I came knocking

إن أرَدْتِ بِقَلبي سِكين

if you wanted a dagger in my heart


stab it

إن شِئتِ الركوع

if you want me kneeling


I will


open the door

ولتفعلي ما تفعلي

and do whatever you want


cut me in pieces

إن رأيت مَكانا

If you found a spot in my body

غير مُقطع

in one piece

دَخَل الكلام لِصاحبتنا

his speech was heard


by our friend inside

ونزل للقلب واقنع

to persuade her from head to toes

جرت للباب ..فتحته

she ran to the door. she opened it

فزجها بقمقم واودع

suddenly, she was pushed inside a bottle

وظلت متعا

she was packed as chattel

مع الامتعة

with the luggage

خَمسة.. سِتة

five.. six

سَبْعة.. ثمانية.

seven.. eight

يا من تَفنيني..

to whom, who killing me slowly

وغير فانِية..

while you are immortal

طُفت الشمال والجنوب

I went east and west

و جئتك بمهر

to come with the dowry

أميرة عُمانِية..

of an Omani princess

جئتك بفستان ..خيوطه

I came with a dress

من الذهب آتِية

made of gold

و أكواب و صحون وآنِية

 golden cups, plates

اشتريتك بعمري..

I scarified my life

فاشتريني بثانِية..

give me only a second

افتحي لتري فستاني

open to see the dress

فتحت.. فاذا بريح عاتية

she opened to face a storm

تسحبها لقارورة بنية..

dragging her inside a brown vial

تسعة.. عشرة .. احد عشرة

nine, ten, eleven

أنا الامام النتظر

I am the long waited leader (Jesus)

انا مخلصك من المسيخ

I am your savior from the devil

ومن الكفر الذي انتشر

from the hell

أهدي نساء بني البشر

I am here to guide human women

افتحي او احشرك مع

open or stack

امرأة ابي لهب ونوح

ih hell with Noah's and Abolahab's



او اقسمك لفلقتين

or i will cut you in two pieces

او انشر ضلوعك نشرا

I will cut your bones like wood

فتحت خائفا

 she opened scared

فاذا بها بشرنقة

to find herself in a cocoon

تفتح كل الف عام

opens every 1010 years