What makes Rahma different?
  • Her Unique method in teaching Arabic.
  • Her program structured in levels, starting from Beginners> intermediate> and Advanced.
  • Her Multinational experience in Egypt and UAِE.
  • Her ability to teach different dialects; MSA, Gulf, Levant, and Egyptian
  • She designed her own series of books.
  • Her Knowledge of different languages; Arabic, English and German.
  • Her reasonable prices.
What is special about your method?
Her unique method of teaching Arabic as a foreign language is tested and used in many language centers in Egypt and UAE.
  • She follows a communicative, task-based methodology that aims at teaching the Arabic used in real life and situations.
  • She integrates the four language skills, with a focus on Speaking.
  • Her program is designed in simplified Logical and grammatical way, that makes Arabic easy to learn
  • Her Activities is outside the traditional classroom environment.
  • Her classes are structured classes that are comprehensive and designed to teach vocabulary relevant to everyday use.
Is Arabic difficult?
Arabic is a rich and complex language but it can be presented in a simplified and systematic method that makes it easy and enjoyable to learn. Our method brings out the logic of the language and is based on the use of direct and useful application of concepts and repetition that facilitate learning.
Which Dialect do you teach?
To answer this question, the student needs to know the differences between the Arabic dialects. All Arabic dialects are derived from the Modern Standard Arabic - which is taught at schools all over the Arabic world-. Every Arabic country chose the easiest way to pronounce it according to their environment. Thus, the difference between the Arabic dialects is in the pronunciation of some letters - Same difference between British English and American English-.

Trying to get the best result, Rahma is introducing the first course in Gulf dialect, and the second course in levant. Third course is introduced by mixing these two dialects, Plus introducing some Egyptian expressions.
How can I study and Practice Arabic?
  • Flash cards; you can make your own flash cards of Arabic words, and hang them in your room, or office. 
  • Listening; Listening is the best way to learn any language. Listen to Arabic in you car, even if you are not paying attention to what is said.
  • Study new words three times with a gap between each time.
  • Attend your classes regularly.
  • Speak in Arabic when you have the chance to. Arabs are very friendly. They will be glad to see you trying to speak their language.
  • Travel; you can choose between many Arabic countries to spent your vacation and practice your Arabic.